People helping people as they get from here to there

Rules of the road – best practices when sending alerts

3 questions to ask yourself before you send an “alert” to the group:

“Does the message I am about to send contain….
1. … actionable information that people can use in order to plan their commute?
2. … the tone and content that you would find on a radio/TV traffic report?
3. … an objective statement (e.g., not a rant…not a question…even a rhetorical one)?
3 yes-es? Then “send”!
1 or more “no”? Then you may just be venting.  Check out (yes…that’s a real thing)
Still want to know more about “what makes a good alert”?  Here you go:
  • It’s about NOW – Only send alerts regarding the in-progress commute
  • Provide context –  Try to make your message understandable to anyone riding your route
    (e.g., “the 6:16 from Penn to Montclair…”)

    Please remember to Rate the alerts using the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down feature

    And of course: Relax, enjoy, participate. Please be patient and remember we are helping each other.