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Tourists, Commuters, Rail Warriors (and Admin)

September 20th, 2016  |  Published in App

There are 4 (levels) of users of the Clever Commute app…as defined by these badges

clevericonmap (1) Tourists
– Newbies, probies or anyone whose ability to send messages is limited/restricted
(this is quite rare)

clevericontrain(2) Commuters – these are the vast majority of users.


clevericonribbon(3) Rail Warriors – These are trusted, elevated users with a strong history of constructive messages. You can tell it’s a Rail Warrior message by the way the area below the actual alert is peach colored. The two most-significant features of Rail Warriors are:

(i) They have the ability to send messages to multiple communities at a time.
E.g., “All LIRR Riders”…”All NJT Midtown Direct Riders”…”All NJ Bus Riders”

(ii) Their messages bypass the app’s “duplicate checker” routine.
Even if our screening technology flags one of their messages as a possible duplicate of another one already sent, we give the Rail Warrior’s message the benefit of the doubt by letting it through.

clevericonwand(4) Admin – That’s me: Conductor Josh. My messages have a light blue background.


One more:
clevericonpawThis designates someone who (regardless of the badges above) is Premium user.

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