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Integration with alerts from your transit provider

June 7th, 2013  |  Published in announcements, Inside Track, NJT

In our continuing effort to make Clever Commute as effective and helpful as possible, we added alerts from your provider into The Inside Track application.

For example, NJ Transit riders can save a trip to by simply clicking on the red gears icon…and following the link to Alerts From NJT.










Top web resources for Metro North New Haven riders

May 19th, 2013  |  Published in announcements, MNR

There is a lot of great information out there regarding the overall MNR experience…and we hope to cover those in a future blog post. But for now, we wanted to highlight the ones which will help in the aftermath of the May 17 derailment. Please send us any others you have (via the Contact Us feature of the web site).



Maplewood, South Orange, Morristown…some helpful news for for commuters

November 8th, 2012  |  Published in announcements, bus, new markets, NJT, press, promotion

We created 3 new Clever bus communities. Please join whichever one(s) you like. If you have never used Clever Commute for the bus…then this might be a good opportunity to start.
(More info about Clever Commute here)

  • Lakeland bus Route 78 (Summit)
  • NJ Transit bus Route 107 (South Orange)
  • Coach USA Route 77 (Morristown)

To sign up: go to and change “Select provider type” to “Bus Alerts”.
(there is no easy way to simply “add” these to your current subscription…so you need to re-sign up for each. Sorry)
A few other caveats:

  • If you are new to Clever Commute, it may take a few days until you can _send_ messages…but you will be able to _receive_ as soon as you get your “Welcome” e-mail
    (after you confirm…and we approve you)
  • When you get the mail asking you to confirm, please use the “Click this link” option. If you use the “reply to this mail to confirm”…you’ll see it does not yet work yet.
  • The e-mail address that you need for each community is found in the “Welcome” mail you receive after we approve/add you.
  • We are still working on the Twitter feeds for each of these new communities.
  • And of course: the content comes from YOU. Please lead by example and share whatever it is you think your fellow commuters want to know.

We pulled these together quickly…so there are some rough edges. Please be patient as we put the finishing touches on.
If you have any questions or comments, please use the Contact Us feature of our web site

If you ride NJ Transit trains…

October 5th, 2012  |  Published in announcements, Inside Track, NJT

It’s time you try The Inside Track …our premium offering which goes WAY beyond the features you know
(actually, we have moved some features FROM our “free” service…and put them in the premium product)
So, why the urgency?

– It was a TERRIBLE commute for many of you. (e.g., NE Corridor)
Yes…the traditional “Clever Commute” service helped…BUT…”Inside Track” has a FANTASTIC feature which lets you browse the Clever Commute alerts on your smartphone (NOT in your inbox)!
  • YOU control “which train lines?” (yes…you can see not just your own line)
  • YOU control “how much history to see?” (1-24 hours)
  • YOU control whether or not you read the new alerts (yes…our technology “hides” messages you have already seen!)
2. Oct 14 – The NJT train schedule will change on that day.
We are putting the finishing touches on an INCREDIBLE NEW FEATURE
We will tell you “what changed?”
That’s right! It’s the end of the tedious process of YOU doing a side-by-side comparison between “old” and “new”.
YES – we do it for you…included in your subscription price.


And of course, there is a 30-day free trial…so you have NOTHING to lose.
We have extended the Fall promotion…so the monthly fee is less than a cup of coffee.

Something fun: the ability to vent about the commute

October 1st, 2012  |  Published in announcements

As you know, one of the best features of Clever Commute is the ability for commuters to share real-time messages with fellow commuters (e.g., to let them know about things which impact the current commute).

We usually encourage people to stay “on-topic” and keep the comments constructive and actionable. Yes – we have filters which check for duplicates, profanity and other restricted keywords.

But…sometimes you simply gotta let it out.

Introducing vent at clevercommute dot com

Give it a try. You won’t offend us.  We’re all adults here. Go ahead…you can:

  • curse a blue streak
  • say what you really think about the person sitting next to you
  • let off steam regarding conditions at your station
  • …and generally vent about what’s bugging you on the commute

Your message will not be  subject to the filters and best practices…but then again: it will not be sent out to your fellow commuters.

You can see “best of” at @clevervent on Twitter.
Vent just gives you a place to let out “a digital scream”…. because sometimes, it just feels better to get it off your chest :)

Of course, if you really want to help your fellow commuter, then please go to and join the 20,000 people who have made Clever Commute a part of the fabric of the daily commute.


Monday 9/10/12

September 10th, 2012  |  Published in announcements

E-mail delivery of your Clever Commute messages may be delayed due a technical issue with one of our providers. You can still
Users of our Inside Track service are NOT impacted (they have web-based delivery of alert messages)
More info
See this article
If you did not read our KOTW mail about Twitter delivery of messages…this might be a good time for you to sign up.
NOTE: If there are delays in delivery of our messages to you, please reference the timestamp in the subject line of each mail [e.g., "(5:50 PM)"] to determine the “freshness” of the mail. That timestamp is _roughly_ the time that the commuter shared the info.

An amazing (yet limited-time) offer for NJ Transit riders

August 28th, 2012  |  Published in announcements, Inside Track, NJT

The first 100 people to sign up for our premium service will receive a special back-to-school rate of $2.99 a month (before it returns to $3.99 a month).
(as always: a 30-day free trial…and two months free when you subscribe for the year)
Remember, from now on, you MUST be a member of our premium service to receive…
  • our Labor Day get-away tipsheet
  • advance notification about a BIG event this week which will impact your commute
  • A COOL new feature which means you no longer need to receive your Clever Commute alerts via e-mail
    Imagine: You ONLY see “fresh” alerts…and it faster than e-mail. No more inbox!
    And if that’s not cool enough: you can actually scan/monitor TWO train lines this way!
  • track number history for ALL trains…and advance notification at many other stations
Again – here is the link to sign-up

Tips for a sane/safe commute home tonight

July 18th, 2012  |  Published in announcements

How to get home quickly and safely tonight:

  1. Check the weather at
  2. Remember to share (not ask for) info via the community for your train/bus/ferry line
    That address can be found at the bottom of every mail you get from us
    Oh, and please put your entire message in the subject line
  3. Browse what is happening on other commuter lines by going here
And finally…if you prefer to get your Clever Commute alerts as “Tweets”…we can do that.
All of the “follows” are listed here:
–Conductor Josh
Do you know people who are NOT Clever Commuters?
Please shoot this mail to them and ask them to go to (or just send a mail to

Missed your train? Not so fast :)

July 15th, 2012  |  Published in announcements, Inside Track

When we built The Inside Track, we said that we’d listen to you and build new features all the time. Well, here is the first of many:

You can now use The Inside Track to get your track number after the train has been removed from the official departure board.

Here are 2 reasons why this is such a great new feature

1. Trains do not leave at their scheduled departure time.
Read this NY Times article about the one-minute cushion you have between official and actual departure times.

The phantom minute, in place for decades and published only in private timetables for employees, is meant as a grace period for stragglers who need the extra time to scramble off the platform and onto the train.

2. On those nights when there are widespread delays, it may be the case that your train is still in the station…even after it is removed from the departureboard.

So…you can now use our mobile-enabled  website to see where your train is.

Here is a screenshot from Inside Track at 7:06 PM. As you’d expect, the 7:03 train to Trenton is no longer listed on the traditional board (Clever Commute or NJT). However, if you click on Departed Trains, you can find the track (14). How cool is that?






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NJT – We Tweet your track number!

March 25th, 2012  |  Published in announcements, NJT, social

If you ride NJ Transit trains from NY Penn Station, then check out our new offering which tweets your track number. This is very cool because tweets are fast and simple…and it gives you newfound control over the delivery of your data. When you “follow” the track announcements for your line, you can even tell Twitter to send them to you as text messages!

Here are the “follows”

  • @cc_ny_nec_trx – track numbers for the Northeast Corridor line
  • @cc_ny_mande_trx – Gladstone/Morristown line
  • @cc_ny_njcl_trx – North Jersey Coast line
  • See this link for Montclar-Boonton Line

Other great news: separately from the “track number” tweets, we also deliver the general Clever alerts via Twitter.  So, instead of your getting “alerts” in your inbox, you can get those as tweets as well. You can read all about that at

  • For general alerts regarding Northeast Corridor Line, follow @cc_njtt_nec
  • For general alerts regarding North Jersey Coast Line, follow  @cc_njtt_njcl
  • For general alerts regarding  Gladstone & Morristown Lines,  follow  @cc_njtt_mande

Remember: generally, tweets are delivered faster than e-mails!

Here are notes about using Twitter (from

Finally: Please note that this new service is beta…and is currently free.   The use of any Clever Commute services is subject to our Terms and Conditions.