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Checking and Updating YOUR Version of the Clever Commute App

August 14th, 2016  |  Published in admin, App, examples

Here are the steps 

All – Visit our Release Notes to learn the number of our latest version


  1. Launch  App Store
  2. Tap on the Update icon tab at lower right
  3. Tap on Purchased button in the upper section the screen
  4. Scroll to find Clever Commute
    You will see the version listed right below the name/description of the app

If you are not running the latest, then follow these steps.


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Applications
  3. Tap Application Manager
  4. Scroll to find Clever Commute …and click on it
    You will see the version number at the top of the screen

If you are not running the latest, then follow these steps.


If you are reading this…

July 31st, 2016  |  Published in examples

…then you are one of us who are making the to/from to NYC when many others are on vacation 🙁

But we have good news!

Now that version 2.0 of the FREE Clever Commute app hit BOTH the Android and Apple app stores, we are adding features like crazy!
We’re up to version 2.1.5 (are YOU?)…and one cool thing for you to know about is the real-time departureboard.

We have gone way beyond crowdsourced alerts and we now take data directly from LIRR, Metro North and NJ Transit and put it right in the app…for FREE.

NJT riders get an added bonus: It’s personalized so that it only shows you trains you care about…and automatically shows you “AM” vs. “PM” views of he data!

Please check it out by clicking on the main menu in the app (the so-called “hamburger” at the top left of the screen).

(For now, we’re being quiet about all the neat new premium features in the app. More on that soon).

In the meantime, please use the app to share and browse info…and definitely let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback (feedback at clevercommute daht com)


–Conductor Josh

Troubleshooting Google Play Payment Issues

June 5th, 2016  |  Published in examples

We love our premium users…and we never want to see you leave.  But as you may know, we rely on Google to collect the funds from you.

If they try to charge the card they have on file, and it fails, you will get a letter such as the Payment Declined one below. If the issue is not resolved in a timely manner, then Google (not Clever Commute) will cancel the subscription and send you the Subscription Cancelled letter.

Why does this situation happen?

  • The credit card that you use to fund your Clever Commute Premium service (at Google Play) is not longer valid (e.g., reported as lost, stolen or was otherwise deactivated)
  • Google, for whatever reason, determined that the order
    • was high risk (their term…not ours)
    • did not comply with one of their policies
If this happens, please follow Google’s instructions in that letter in order to get back on-board.
If you still need help, you can call Google at 855-492-5538.  


As a reference, here are examples of the e-mails that Google sends (click on image to enlarge)

Payment Declined Subscription Cancelled
GoogleLetterPaymentDeclined GoogleLetterSubscriptionCancelled

The Clever Commute Track Predictor

May 31st, 2016  |  Published in examples, Feature

Clever Commute Premium has dozens of amazing features.
This page explains one or more of them...

Here is a graphical walkthough of our amazing track predictor. No other app or service provides this feature.

Screen Shot
(Click to expand)


CleverCommuteDepartureboardBefore It starts with your custom departureboard.

It’s 6:10 and the 6:18 is not announced yet.

Click on the History icon to see the prediction
and the and supporting stats…


Your Track Prediction

This train…

  • is usually announced 7 minutes in advance
  • has been on 4 different tracks…
    in the previous 8 days (see next picture)

Our algorithm puts you in control

  • Identifies the higher-likelihood track
  • Eliminates/Disqualifies some other tracks 


  • There is a 50% chance this train will be on Track 3 …and knowing that puts you way ahead of the game
  • There is also a 25% chance this train will be on Track 4

And that works in your favor:
Track 3 and Track 4 share one platform.
Position yourself there to have a 75% chance of beating the cattle call!

It’s that simple. However, feel free to read on…

CleverCommute6355Summary Do you like data? We do! 

  • We give you a summary of tracks previously used by this train
    • Pie chart
    • Table
  • You can set it to show more or less data.
    (5, 10, 30 or even 60 days)


We also show you the details…

CleverCommute6355Details Here is the day-by-day track history.

Hmmm….based on those numbers…
what would YOU predict?Don’t worry! Our servers and algorithms keep on crunching the numbers
…right up until the official track announcement is  made!

They announced your train…track 4…
and you beat the crowds


Have a seat, my friend.


You deserve it!

The Clever Commute Departureboard

May 30th, 2016  |  Published in examples

Clever Commute Premium has dozens of amazing features.
This page explains one or more of them...

NOTE: Information on the main page of the Clever Commute departureboard comes directly from the transit provider and does indeed vary based on the robustness of their respective feeds.
Also users of our premium service may have access to more data than users of the basic.
However, all commuters benefit from a custom & real-time view of this schedule/departure information.

Need to know:

NJT – Based on the user’s Origin and Destination values (via the Settings => My Commute menu option), the user sees their hometown departureboard in the morning…and their work-side view in the evening. These may be reversed at any time via the buttons atop the actual departurebaord page.
Users of the free app are shown their primary route both the morning and evening commute.
Users of the our premium service have a default of My 3 (for both AM & PM)…and may select other options as desired.

LIRR and Metro North – The MTA does not provide developers a robust data feed. Therefore these riders always see the Destination (NYC) view (for their primary route).
However, premium users do enjoy many additional features as described below.

Key Features of the Premium Departureboard 

  • See the real-time geolocation of a train (NJT)
  • See full stats/metrics about a PM train (NJT, LIRR)
    This includes 

    • Real-time, dynamic prediction of what track the train will be on
    • Full track history (detail & summary…as a table and as a pie chart)
    • Insight into how far in advance the track is announced
    • Configurable to show 5, 10, 30 or 60 days

Clever Commute Premium – The Cost

May 30th, 2016  |  Published in examples

Our Premium service is a collection of dozens of value-added features.
See the whole story at the Clever Commute Premium service home page.


Clever Commute Premium is sold as an in-app purchase via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

It is a subscription product, with a cost of just $3.33 a month (billed annually).

NOTE: There are currently 8 ways to qualify to have the subscription free waived (and therefore get the premium service for free).

Basic vs Premium

May 30th, 2016  |  Published in examples

Our Premium service is a collection of dozens of value-added features.
See the whole story at the Clever Commute Premium service home page.


The basic app is free…and is a great tool for any commuter. However, its functionality is limited to providing user-generated alerts on one commuter line…delivered as push notifications.

Below is a high-level comparison of our basic and premium services. Please clock through here to see the complete list of the dozens of amazing  premium features.



# of routes you may follow 1 3
# of hours of viewable history 3 Up to 12
Track metrics & predictions No Yes
View a train’s geolocation No Yes (NJT)
Delivery options Push notifications Push notifications
Text message
Advertisements in the App Banners None
List of Features Impressive Incredible
Source of Data Crowdsourced Crowdsourced plus 4 additional sources
Control over the timing and flow of data None Extensive (time-of-day, day-of-week, pause/resume etc)
Cost Free $3.33/month


Train geolocation….just like that

May 5th, 2016  |  Published in examples

Clever Commute Premium has dozens of amazing features.
This page explains one or more of them...

Open the Departureboard (click on picture to enlarge)


1, 2, 3, 4 – Clever Commute uses current time and your Origin / Destination from your app Settings to show you the time-sensitive view from  your home station (yes – we reverse it for the trip home)

5 – Real-time ETA from the transit provider

6 – Click on the pin to see the location of this train…

Click on the #6 – geolocation icon





<== There it is…on a Google map!

Introducing Clever Commute app version 2.0

January 28th, 2016  |  Published in App, examples

Not yet released…but here are the working notes for what will be included:

The big headline: Clever Commute v 2.0 includes a premium service with a slew of amazing features

The new FREE version also includes all this…and more:

  • New feature: Leaderboard. It currently shows 4 types of rankings.
  • New feature: Departureboard with custom views for your commute
  • New feature: Profile
  • New feature: Settings
  • New feature: Help menu
  • Enhancements to Send An Alert
    • New field: The Issue*
    • New field: Impact * – used to capture the estimated effect of the reported issue
    • New field: Hashtag – Add a descriptive tag to your message
    • New feature: Real-time checking for duplicates
  • Enhancements to Recent Alerts 
    • Streamlined the look / Reduced whitespace
    • New field: The Issue (in bold, in brackets) for each alert
    • New field: Est Impact – The estimated impact of this issue on your commute
    • New option Show Check-Ins  and Show Vents

* NOTE: It is preferred that the user select the proper value.
However, Clever Commute technology will assign a value when user does not populate this field.

“It’s like Twitter for commuters, right?” Well, kind of…

January 5th, 2016  |  Published in admin, examples, ITFeatureWriteUp

People often make that comparison. In many ways, they are correct. But there is one very important difference:
Clever Commute uses a variety of technologies (keywords, semantics, patterns, user history, etc.) to review submissions before they are posted.
We do this to ensure they are both suitable and in-line with our best practices.

At it’s simplest, our rules of the road ask:   “Does this message contain….

  1. … actionable information to plan a commute?
  2. … the tone and content that you would find on traffic report?
  3. … an objective statement ?
Put another way: Would I still like Clever Commute if all the messages were like this one? 

The filters are technology-based, so all messages are subject to the same rigor. It’s not perfect…and there are indeed some false positives. We do our best to resolve those in real-time. But overall, our robots are there to help ensure quality for our commuters, and also to respect our sponsors and other business partners.

So…what does that leave us with?

Driver sees me through the snow and waits for me while I sprint from a full block away. Thanks my guardian angel