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In case you want to test out sending a Clever Commute message

June 20th, 2015  |  Published in App, documentation, Ops, techdoc

If you want to test it out without sending a “real” alert:

  1. Crucial: use the Contact link at our site to ask us to put your account into Test mode.
  2. In the app, Logout…and then Log In (at this time, do NOT adjust your profile).
  3. Navigate to Send an Alert. See picture: your Primary Route should now say Clever Test.
  4. Compose an alert such as:
    I am a commuter doing a verification of my account
    …and press Send.
    Do NOT use the word test in your alert 
  5. After you receive the push notification, and see the message in your Recent Alerts (hint: you may need to pull-to-refresh), use the Profile feature to re-set your Primary Route.


Our datasources (it’s more than crowdsourced)

July 25th, 2014  |  Published in announcements, documentation, Inside Track, techdoc

Clever Commute Premium has dozens of amazing features.
This page explains one or more of them...

The beauty of Clever Commute is that we offer riders the full 360 degree view of their commute…with control over how/when the information is delivered to them.

Clever Commute originally started as a crowdsoucing company…but we have gone well beyond that. Here is a closer look:

  1. User-generated content – We have tens of thousands of commuters who give you a first-hand look at what is happening on your commute. Our technology cleanses, curates, and removes duplicate messages in order to be sure that you get the most benefit from the wisdom of the crowds.
  2. Official Information from the Transit Providers – Our technology talks to theirs…and you benefit.  Through a variety of interfaces, we make it simple for you to access the data from your carrier. You no longer need to sign up with them.
  3. Social Media – We scour the web for the best info for you. Sometimes it comes directly from your carrier. Sometimes it comes from others who share our passion for actionable commuter info. But it’s always information about your commute. So it doesn’t matter if (for example) you are on Twitter or not. We fetch it and deliver it to you per your preferences.
  4. Historical – No one has more data than we do. Clever Commute was founded in 2008. That gives us years of context and history about every commute in the areas we serve. We use that data to provide you with the best information
  5. Algorithms – Data is interesting…but it’s fascinating when you do things with it. We have deep knowledge of the issues on each of the carriers we serve, so we know what triggers the events / alerts / tips which help you. You won’t find this anywhere else.

The best part: you are in control!

Every person and commuting pattern is different. Users of our premium service can generally opt-in/out of the above as they’d like. You can also select the time-of-day and  day-of-week that you want to receive notifications.  You can pause your notifications when you are on vacation. You can even hit snooze and let us know when you’d like to resume.

Our B-to-B offering – Technical and Operational Info

September 16th, 2012  |  Published in techdoc


Technical Info

These feeds are valid XML, and contain the following 4 elements:

  1. The headline of the alert
  2. The body of the alert
    (note that most of the time, all of the alert is contained in the headline)
  3. The category of the alert
  4. The speed of the train when the alert was capture (note: this is still in beta)
  5. The estimated impact (in minutes) of the issue
  6. The geolocation (lat/long) of the alert
  7. The timestamp (GMT)  for the message
  8. unique ID for each record


Please contact Clever Commute for details specific to your implementation:

  • Names / E-mail addresses you want added to our value-added service which highlights emerging and cross-system issues
  • Expiration dates for the feeds
  • The amount of history shown and the delay (if any) on the data
  • Contact info for technical support

If you are posting the Bar Car info

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Just a few things to remember:

  • There is one e-mail address for the trains from GCT and another for the trains to GCT (we’ll make sure you have both addresses).
  • Once you send to that address…our technology will send it to the subscribers…and we’ll also Tweet it
  • Do not “Forward” mails to the e-mail address we use
  • Avoid extra punctuation (sure you can say “5:48″, but don’t put “…” in there)
  • All you need to do is put the the times in your mail (e.g., you don’t need to say “have a bar car tonight”). Recipients know that this is The Bar Car Report…and it is clearly labeled as such
  • Yes…you can send updates at any time in case things change
  • Here is one good way to share the news:

526 548 608 611 807 907 plus 531 614  stamford locals

Thank you for using our “B2B” datafeed product. As an overview of this offering:

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