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Two kudos in one day!

July 3rd, 2014  |  Published in testimonial

It’s always nice to get unsolicited kudos. Today, we got two:

Clever Commute has been a super huge part of my day everyday since you launched


I just want to go on record and tell you [that] you’re always very much welcome to anything and all I can do to support your cause. Keep doing what you’re doing. It is noticed and truly appreciated by many.


When things are bad, we’re good

May 30th, 2014  |  Published in testimonial

Even when the commute is bad…people want to know what is going on:

Tonight was a commute from hell.
I left my office at 4:30, arrived home at 7:30, and missed a 7:10 dentist appointment.
All throughout, Clever Commute was very helpful though in keeping us all posted.

I guess that’s one un-subscription we can get behind

May 30th, 2014  |  Published in testimonial

A bittersweet e-mail from a Clever Commuter since 2007:

Hi Josh,

I’ve retired so I no longer commute to the city.
Your service has been very valuable but I won’t be needing it any longer.

Thanks for making the commute as smooth as it could be

Yup…Inside Track is loved and adored

April 24th, 2014  |  Published in Inside Track, testimonial

A new user of the Inside Track says this:

 the track number texts and other things are awesome. Keep up the good work!

Lots of “yes”

March 26th, 2014  |  Published in Inside Track, testimonial

After his free trial was over, this commuter converted to the paid version:

I’m most impressed by the timeliness of the alerts. I receive the official NJ Transit alerts, too, and Clever Commute is consistently faster and usually more informative. The analytic for predicting the most likely track is helpful when I’m traveling outside my normal routine. Obviously I already have a sense of which tracks my usual trains are going to be on, but it’s been handy when I’ve worked late or when I’ve come into the city on weekends.

Just doin’ our job, Ma’am

March 17th, 2014  |  Published in testimonial

More kudos from a rider

Thanks to [the recent] message, those of us on Clever Commute knew about the PATH closing about 90 minutes before the announcement from NJ Transit.  On a bad commute day, knowing stuff like this can make a big difference

FTW as the kids say!

March 1st, 2014  |  Published in testimonial


The social-verse has spoken!

March 1st, 2014  |  Published in testimonial



TGIITF – Thank goodness it’s Inside-Track-Friday

February 1st, 2014  |  Published in Inside Track, testimonial

We know that Friday feeling….so we loved to read this from a customer…

Thanks to Clever Commute I am hurtling towards home and not waiting for a bus with the huddled masses at Port Authority.

Why? On my way to the subway, I checked the alerts and saw that the bus station was a disaster. I then checked Inside Track and saw that there was a 6:41 PM train. By the time I got off the subway at 34th street, I had a text message telling me that my train was on track 4. I walked on…grabbed a window seat and will get home in time to go play soccer for the first time in weeks.

Commuting is easier with Clever Commute!

Inside Track makes the holidays happier

December 23rd, 2013  |  Published in Inside Track, testimonial

No coal for this commuter!

Today is an excellent day for The Inside Track!
When it was virtually impossible to move inside the SRO Seventh Avenue waiting area, a quick check of the departure histories of the 3:02 PM express to Trenton told me there was a high probability that I should stand near tracks 1, 3 or 4.
Today’s track assignment was track #4.
No pushing or shoving necessary!