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Getaway Day Advice for Memorial Day Weekend 2016

May 22nd, 2016  |  Published in announcements

As a service to commuters, we provide this getaway advice for those who are exiting NYC (via public transit) for the Memorial Day holiday. Read on for: 

  1. A look back at 2015: “What happened on the Friday evening before Memorial Day Weekend last year?
  2. Clever Commute’s “FIVE T’s” – the key to a stress-free commute on get-away day.

(1) What happened on the Friday before Memorial Day last year?

Commuter Trains Summary 

  • As usual, train riders from Grand Central had an easier “go” of things versus NY Penn Station riders
  • NY Penn Station riders reported crowds as early as 1:30 PM
  • Peak exodus from NYC was in the 2-3:30 PM window
  • People definitely left NYC early…and by 5:30 PM, they generally reported fairly normal conditions 
  • Some trains were delayed in the 6:00 PM hour 


(2) Clever Commute’s “FIVE T’s” – the key to a stress-free commute on get-away day:

1. Tickets – tickets..TicketsTICKETSGet them early!
If you or your traveling companion will need a ticket, get it BEFORE Wednesday afternoon.
Lines are loooooong on get-away days.
HINT: NJ Transit now has an app for tickets. So does NY Waterway! See your app store for details. 

2. Timing is crucial
We expect this year’s commuting pattern to be similar last. So please see the re-cap above. 

3. Timetables and Schedule changes 
Visit your transit provider’s web site for up-to-date schedule…including information about (extra) getaway day service

4. Terminal – Choose wisely
If it is at all within your control, avoid NY Penn Station.

  • NJT riders should consider Hoboken and/or Newark Penn
  • LIRR riders:  try Atlantic Terminal

5. Other Tips: 

  • Dress in layers – the terminal or the trains can be warm
  • Bring water/snacks – save time…save money. Plan ahead.
  • “Baggage strategy” matters – There is going to be lots of luggage around on Friday. Pick/Pack your bad early and lightly! 
  • Make your plan now…Do NOT wait until Friday morning to start thinking about this.

Have a great holiday!

Train geolocation….just like that

May 5th, 2016  |  Published in examples

This is a write up of
just one of the dozens of features you get when you use Clever Commute Premium.
See the full list of features here.

Open the Departureboard (click on picture to enlarge)


1, 2, 3, 4 – Clever Commute uses current time and your Origin / Destination from your app Settings to show you the time-sensitive view from  your home station (yes – we reverse it for the trip home)

5 – Real-time ETA from the transit provider

6 – Click on the pin to see the location of this train…

Click on the #6 – geolocation icon





<== There it is…on a Google map!

Spring 2016 Free App Beta

April 20th, 2016  |  Published in beta

Android beta version of the PREMIUM Clever Commute app!
How it works 

  1. You must be in the Clever Commute beta program to install the app (Use the Contact form of our website to let us know you want to join the beta test).
  2. Request a download of the beta from Google Play via the link we send you.
    Note: We can not control the timing of the download from Google Play to your device. We appreciate your patience.
  3. The new version has a TON of new features
    New free features (scroll down on that page to see)
    New premium features
  4. Please experiment in the trial period…but also do make the purchase.
    Give us your feedback…and we’ll refund your first year.
Logging in:

Inside Track user? Then use your existing id and password.

 – Otherwise –

Use your existing user id and password (which you use for the free app)

Please read:

  • The Beta software DOES connect you to the live Clever Commute system.
  • Yes – you can use the beta version to send real messages if you have something to report to fellow commuters.
  • If you want to send a “test” message, then use the new category for that.
  • Please give us feedback. Let us know if you have ANY questions.

Clever Commute’s “NJ Transit Strike” Command Center

February 19th, 2016  |  Published in announcements, NJT

Welcome! Clever Commute is the #1 source of information about mass-transit commuting.
We are an on-line service, offering


News articles curated by Clever Commute

Title Source Date
Clever Commute Facebook Page Many Ongoing
 NJ Transit Strike Survival Guide WSJ  10-Mar 2016
8 Things You Need To Know about Possible NJT Strike 10-Mar 2016
[Map] N.J. Transit Plans Park-and-Ride Locations NY Times 6-Mar 2016
NJT Offers Contingency Plan In Case Of Massive Rail Worker Strike Gothamist 3-Mar 2016
Possible NJ Transit strike nears, 33 years after last one 28-Feb 2016
NJ Transit strike threat: Union chief ‘hopeful’ for deal 18-Feb 2016
Health insurance is sticking point in NJ Transit negotiations 17-Feb 2016
Settle contract to avoid strike, members of Congress tell NJ Transit 17-Feb 2016
Labor board decides in favor of NJ Transit workers 11-Jan 2016


NJT Transit Strike – Contingency Plans

February 15th, 2016  |  Published in NJT

As of 28-Feb, NJ Transit has not yet published any formal contingency plans.

However, here are links to related resources (including what happened during the interruption caused by super storm Sandy)



Strike? Sneak behind the paywall to unlock premium features!

February 11th, 2016  |  Published in admin, announcements, NJT

Our premium app is not yet available for sale. When it is, on “Day 1” it will give you dozens of amazing new features.

However, in support of the commuters in the event of an NJT rail strike, we have unlocked 2 premium features.
These will remain available to you for the duration of the strike:
(1) You can now see up to 3 different routes in the Recent Alerts feature of the free Clever Commute app
(2) You now see 7 hours of data in Recent Alerts


How to activate it #1 (#2 is automatic):

  1. Click on the menu in the app
  2. Select Profile
  3. Add a Secondary and Tertiary route
    (see purple stars in picture)
  4. Press Update

Note 1: Don’t change your Origin and Destination.
The app itself works at the Route level…so you see info from
fellow passengers “up and down the line”

Note 2: You will only receive push notifications for your Primary route.

The Clever Commute Leaderboard

January 29th, 2016  |  Published in App, social

Features (once it it goes live)

  • Updated in real-time
  • Currently shows 4 metrics
  • Currently shows “Prior 7 Days”
  • Available to all users
Messages with the
Most UpVotes
Messages with the
Most DownVotes
CleverCommuteLeaderboardV1MessagesUpvotes CleverCommuteLeaderboardV1MessagesDownvotes
Most Messages
(By Sender) 
Most Messages
(by Route)
CleverCommuteLeaderboardV1MessagesBySender CleverCommuteLeaderboardV1MessagesByRoute


We love your Ratings and Reviews

January 28th, 2016  |  Published in App

Here is how you do it

iPhone/iPad Android
  1. Tap the App Store icon
  2. Tap Updates
  3. Tap Purchased
  4. Scroll down to find an app to rate
  5. Tap on the app’s name
  6. Tap on Reviews
  7. Scroll down and tap Write a Review
  8. Tap on a star to rate the app
    (Write a review if you wish, but you don’t have to)
  1. Open Google Play
  2. Search for the app
  3. Scroll down to see stars and Rate this app
  4. Click on the stars
    (Write a review if you wish, but you don’t have to)


Introducing Clever Commute app version 2.0

January 28th, 2016  |  Published in App, examples

Not yet released…but here are the working notes for what will be included:

The big headline: Clever Commute v 2.0 includes a premium service with a slew of amazing features
BONUS: You get full access to our Inside Track product
    • We added a Leaderboard. It currently shows 4 types of rankings.
    • Enhancements to Send An Alert
      • Removed Category field
      • New field: The Issue*
      • New field: Impact * – used to capture the estimated effect of the reported issue
      • New field: Hashtag – Add a descriptive tag to your message
      • New feature: Real-time checking for duplicates
    • Enhancements to Recent Alerts 
      • Streamlined the look / Reduced whitespace
      • New field: The Issue (in bold, in brackets) for each alert
      • New field: Est Impact – The estimated impact of this issue on your commute
      • New option Show Check-Ins  and Show Vents

* NOTE: It is preferred that the user select the proper value.
However, Clever Commute technology will assign a value when user does not populate this field.

Feature write-up: Check-in/Share Location

January 26th, 2016  |  Published in announcements, App, ITFeatureWriteUp

The check-in feature lets commuters share their train’s/bus’ location with the Clever Commute network.
Any active user can send a Check-in (steps below).
However, viewing these messages is done exclusively via the app…and is Opt-In only.
Check-ins are not sent out as mails, texts, or push notifications.


To Send a Check-In To View Check-Ins
  1. Open our free app
  2. Select Send An Alert
  3. Set the The Issue to
    Check-In/Share location
    – Other fields are defaulted or derived
    – The geolocation and timestamp are captured
  4. Press Send
  1. Open our free app
  2. Select Recent Alerts
  3. At the top of the page, select the box  for Check-Ins
  4. When you click on the location pin, you will see the location of that alert
    (see pictures below)