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In case your push notifications are not working as expected

January 24th, 2017  |  Published in announcements

When we hear from customers who are not getting their push notifications, this is what fixes it:

  1. Uninstall the app completely
  2. Install the very latest version
  3. Open the app and sign in

Note: if you’d like to do a test, then follow these steps

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Version 2.3.4

January 21st, 2017  |  Published in announcements

What’s new:

In order to ensure that Push Notifications work properly on all modern devices, we upgraded the app itself and the back-end logic which sends them.

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Release Notes: Version 2.3.3

January 14th, 2017  |  Published in admin, announcements

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate broadcast messages are fixed
  • Duplicate confirmations to senders of broadcast or auto-forwarded messages are fixed
  • When using Send an Alert, users may now select their train
  • Fixes to accuracy of train selection in MyTrains


  • When provided in Send An Alert, train numbers are shown in Recent Alerts
  • In Recent Alerts – improved handling of special characters
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Migrating from the legacy Inside Track to the Premium app

December 3rd, 2016  |  Published in admin, premium

What’s changing?

User Experience How to Subscribe  Payments Handled By
Old  Mobile web Clever Commute Web site PayPal
New Smartphone App  In-App purchase Apple and Google


Since subscribers pre-pay, we arranged a migration which ensures

  • it’s not a hassle for our client
  • we tip the scale in the client’s favor

On the day you are next billed, WE do 3 things:  

  1. Refund the payment you just made
  2. Halt all future PayPal payments to us
  3. Set your Inside Track account to Expired

YOUR NEXT STEPS:  Visit the free app and use the “Premium” menu option to upgrade

Cool: Your first 30 days of the app-based premium service are free!

Release Notes: Version 2.3.2

December 2nd, 2016  |  Published in announcements, Release Notes

What’s new

  • Rail Warriors may now send messages to All NY Metro Train Commuters
  • Improved handling of messages from PABT feed (Push notifications added)
  • Added NJT Gladstone (Hoboken) to MyTrains selection
  • Improved reliability of scheduler for daily Commuter Forecast
  • Soft launch of new field to show the speed of the bus/train
  • Improved UI for Send an Alert
  • Enhanced existing curation service to recognize AM vs PM
  • Other changes for performance, security and stability


Getaway Day Advice for Thanksgiving 2016

November 15th, 2016  |  Published in announcements

As a service to commuters, we provide this getaway advice for those who are exiting NYC (via public transit) for the Thanksgiving holiday. Read on for: 

  1. A look back at 2015: “What was ‘the witching hour’ last year?” (HINT: It starts at 1:30 PM) 
  2. Clever Commute’s “SIX T’s” – the key to a stress-free commute on getaway day
A Lookback: 2015 Thanksgiving Eve Summary


  • As usual, train riders from Grand Central had an easier “go” of things versus NY Penn Station riders
  • Riders reported crowds as early as 1:30 PM ….and things stayed busy until at least 5:30 PM 
  • There were no material train incidents reported after 5:30 PM 


  • Riders to NJ experienced delays due to a water main break in Hoboken
  • Travel at Port Authority was disrupted by a suspicious package.

Believe it or not: You are in control !
Here are six things you can do for a smooth getaway…


1. Telecommute
OK, that’s a bit cheeky. But do you seriously need to go to the office?
Do this: Use the time between now and Tuesday to line up tasks/calls that can be done remotely on Wednesday.

2. Tickets – tickets..TicketsTICKETSGet them early!
If you or your traveling companion will need a ticket, purchase it now.
Lines will be loooooong and stations will be crowded on Wednesday afternoon.
Do this: NJ Transit, Metro North and LIRR all have ticket apps.
Spend a few minutes now to install and set up your account. 

3. Timetables and Schedule changes 
There are websites (e.g., NJ Transit, Metro North, LIRR) as well  as apps galore with info about schedules
(including extra getaway day service).
Do this: Plan ahead…and even think of a backup plan.

4. Timing is crucial
We expect this year’s commuting pattern to be similar to last year.
Do this: Plan your departure time carefully. Even if there is extra service, there will be crowds…and it’s all first-come-first-served.

5. Terminal – Choose wisely
If it is at all within your control, avoid NY Penn Station.
Do this: 

  • NJT riders should consider Hoboken and/or Newark Penn
  • LIRR riders:  try Atlantic Terminal

6. Other Tips: 

  • Dress in layers – The terminal or the trains can be warm…especially when crowded.
  • Bring water/snacks – Save time…save money. 
  • “Baggage strategy” matters – There is not a lot of room on the train/bus.
  • Make your plan now – Do NOT wait until Wednesday morning to start thinking about this.

Release Notes: Version 2.2.9

November 14th, 2016  |  Published in announcements

What’s New

  • Fixes and enhancements for stability and security

Release notes: Version 2.2.5

November 7th, 2016  |  Published in announcements

What’s New

  • Improve / Streamline Twitter integration
  • Improve the end-user experience when cell/wifi signal is weak
  • Update Profile page for better user control of their data
  • Improve the look-and-feel of Recent Alerts
  • Premium users now have better colors / fonts on Recent Alerts
  • Rail Warriors now have more options for target audience
  • Improve the logic which curates and shares UGC

Plus various other fixes and enhancements for stability and security

Leave Breadcrumbs and Tips on Getaway Day

November 1st, 2016  |  Published in admin

 It’s getaway day…so let’s give some extra help today

Please leave “breadcrumbs” and tips this afternoon for fellow commuters as you travel through Penn, Grand Central, Port Authority, Hoboken, etc:
  • How long is the wait for tickets? (at the machines? at the windows?)
  • How crowded is the station?
  • How crowded are the trains?Please use real benchmarks where you can.

THE ABOVE ARE JUST EXAMPLES…if YOU think a given piece of info would help…then please share it!

Release Notes – Version 2.2.4

October 25th, 2016  |  Published in announcements


  • Make the menus look the same (main vs submenu)
  • Change category to “Vent” for unsavory postings
  • Add a “Days of History” slider to the Track Predictor
  • Internationalize the Zip Code
  • New choices for Rail Warriors target audiences

Plus various other fixes and enhancements for security and stability