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“It’s like Twitter for commuters, right?” Well, kind of…

January 5th, 2016  |  Published in admin, examples, ITFeatureWriteUp

People often make that comparison. In many ways, they are correct. But there is one very important difference:
Clever Commute uses a variety of technologies (keywords, semantics, patterns, user history, etc.) to review submissions before they are posted.
We do this to ensure they are both suitable and in-line with our best practices.

At it’s simplest, our rules of the road ask:   “Does this message contain….

  1. … actionable information to plan a commute?
  2. … the tone and content that you would find on traffic report?
  3. … an objective statement ?
Put another way: Would I still like Clever Commute if all the messages were like this one? 

The filters are technology-based, so all messages are subject to the same rigor. It’s not perfect…and there are indeed some false positives. We do our best to resolve those in real-time. But overall, our robots are there to help ensure quality for our commuters, and also to respect our sponsors and other business partners.

So…what does that leave us with?

Driver sees me through the snow and waits for me while I sprint from a full block away. Thanks my guardian angel


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