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Why we say “Please do not share track numbers”

January 21st, 2016  |  Published in announcements, Inside Track

The short answer:

  • you’d get messages about trains you don’t ride
  • you’d lots of duplicate messages

Read on…

Between Hoboken and NY Penn (or for LIRR people: Atlantic and NY Penn)….there are many trains leaving the terminal each night. However, Clever Commute communities are by route…and not by terminal.
Therefore, if people started posting track numbers for every train, two things would happen

  1. you would messages about all trains…all night long
  2. you would get messages about trains at both stations

The result?

  • messages you can NOT use (e.g., not your train)
  • confusion about which terminal?
  • duplicates messages

In that vein, with tens of thousands of commuters in our network, it quickly becomes untenable when people ask questions such as

Did the 5:58 leave yet?
What track is the 6:08 on?

Therefore, our technology will automatically suppress ask messages such as those…in order to avoid a mail storm

I don’t mean to be sales-y…but we do indeed offer an automated track-number delivery service (text, e-mail or both)…for only the trains you ride.
Remember: Once the track number has been delivered to your phone, you have that info even after it’s been removed from the departure board.
We also have technology which predicts your track number. See it all here:


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