The Clever Commute Departureboard

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

NOTE: Information on the main page of the Clever Commute departureboard comes directly from the transit provider and does indeed vary based on the robustness of their respective feeds.
Also users of our premium service may have access to more data than users of the basic.
However, all commuters benefit from a custom & real-time view of this schedule/departure information.

Need to know:

LIRR/NJT – Based on the user’s Origin and Destination values (via the Settings => My Commute menu option), the user sees their hometown departureboard in the morning…and their work-side view in the evening. These may be reversed at any time via the buttons atop the actual departurebaord page.
Users of the free app are shown their primary route both the morning and evening commute.
Users of the our premium service have a default of My 3 (for both AM & PM)…and may select other options as desired.

Metro North does not provide developers a robust data feed. Therefore these riders always see the Destination (NYC) view (for their primary route).
However, premium users do enjoy many additional features as described below.

Key Features of the Premium Departureboard 

  • See the real-time geolocation of a train (NJT)
  • See full stats/metrics about a PM train (NJT, LIRR)
    This includes

    • Real-time, dynamic prediction of what track the train will be on
    • Full track history (detail & summary…as a table and as a pie chart)
    • Insight into how far in advance the track is announced
    • Configurable to show 5-60 days of data
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