The Clever Commute Track Predictor

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.
Play it safe! Please do not descend to track level until your train has been announced.


Here is a graphical walkthough of our amazing track predictor. No other app or service provides this feature.

Additional topic: Thoughts on track predictions

Screen Shot
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It starts with your custom departureboard.

It’s 5:49. The 6:08 is not announced yet.

Click on the History icon to see the prediction
and the and supporting stats…

Look at what happened next:



Your Track Prediction

This train…

  • is usually announced 9 minutes in advance
  • has been on 4 different tracks…
    in the previous 20 days (see next picture)

Clever Commute gives you the edge

  • Identifies the higher-likelihood track
  • Eliminates tracks which won’t be used for this train tonight 
  • Commuters supplement our algorithm based on what they see…and people they know

Step 1: Position yourself to beat the crowds!

Step 2: They announced your train…track 4
Have a seat, my friend. You deserve it!

You could stop right here…but read on if you want to know about our more-advanced features and analytics…

Do you like data? We do! 

  • We give you a summary of tracks previously used by this train
    • Pie chart
    • Table
  • We provide a slider so you can show more or less data.
    (5 – 60 days)

Note: As you see here, past performance does not necessarily predict the future (Compare Track 2 here to the prediction table above)


Here is the day-by-day track history.

Hmmm….based on those numbers…would YOU predict 4? 2? 9 3? Don’t worry! Our servers and algorithms keep on crunching the numbers
…right up until the official track announcement is  made!
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