When you don’t have a cell/wifi connection

Great news:
Starting with version 3.1.7 (April, 2018), we started building offline capability into the Clever Commute app.
This feature will evolve and improve over time.

Experience it here:

  • Participate (including the option to share Metrics)
    • Each of the pop-up boxes will function even when there is no signal.
      For example, you will now be able to see the choices for What’s Happening?, What’s the impact? etc
    • When you Send, if there is not a strong enough signal, the app will retry the message until such time that you do
  • Recent Alerts has also been enhanced to show you the alerts which were viewable as of the last time you had a sufficient signal.

Our intent is to add more functionality in the future.

Note: When you install a new version of the app…and run it for the first time, it needs to “fetch” data from our servers. So, if that first usage is from a place with no signal, we can’t show you all of the data. It’s an edge case…but it happens.




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