We brought back a great feature: “News you need”

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

UPDATE: This page revised March 2020 to reflect the addition of #4 below

Before the Clever Commute app was released, our web-based offering had a feature called Conductor Message.

No, it wasn’t from the real conductor :)…but they are helpful timely messages for your commute!

We brought it back starting in version 3.3.6…and we enhanced it when we rolled out version 4.1.2

Tap on icon You’ll then see this Why it’s cool
#1 – Color-coded to show the severity

#2 – The news you need

#3 – We call this meta-data.
Tells you when this alert was last edited, how long it’s been up…and when it will automatically disappear

#4 – Dismiss
Archives the message and decrements the number from the previous page



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