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Rates (legacy tiered model)

Tier 1 routes. These are our largest communities…with the highest message volumes: NJT’s NE Corridor, NJ Coast Line, Morris & Essex, Montclair-Boonton and DeCamp 33/66

  • 3 month contract = $200/month
  • 6 month contract = $175/month
  • 12 month contract = $150/month

Tier 2. These are midsize communities…with midsized message volumes: All other suburban modes in the NY/NJ/CT area

  • 3 months = $150/month
  • 6 months = $125/month
  • 12 months = $100/month

Tier 3. Any others (NYC subway…plus any line in any other market)
$100, $75 and $50

The above rates

  • are the maximum per-line monthly costs you’d pay.
    We discount the rates based on the size of the deal (e.g., if you want to sponsor all of our NJ Transit trains…the per-line rates drop).
  • are for self-service clients (you have the flexibility to implement and monitor your own ads)
  • free you up from receiving an invoice from us. Charges are settled via PayPal or credit card.