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Welcome New Members!

October 8th, 2007  |  Published in Uncategorized

A few quick notes:

  • Thanks to all those who signed up. The response has been extraordinary.
  • I’ll update the site to add links to all of the great mentions we got today (NY Times, 1010Wins radio, etc).
  • We’re working through the process of adding all the new people to the lists and being sure that people are comfortable with the rules of the road. Once that’s all done, we’ll be “open for business’.

As the veterans of the list know, the technology is just one piece of Clever Commute. Now, it becomes the role of the members to keep their eyes open and share info.

Thanks again to everyone for making it an exciting day.

How we spent our summer vacation

September 8th, 2007  |  Published in Uncategorized

Back to school time means time to get more Clever!

Go to to see all that is new.

We initiated several changes…and you’ll see them implemented over the next few months. Here are the highlights of the first phase of changes (in place now)

    (1) New and improved web site

    • a new look-and-feel
    • a streamlined and enhanced sign-up process
      (for example: new “auto-suggest” feature for station names when you sign-up)
    • A overall new structure which positions us well for neat new features
      (2) New coverage (see “Find your line” sign-up page for options)

      • Complete New Jersey Transit commuter train coverage!
      • Pilot programs for Metro North and Long Island Rail Road
        (know anyone on the Harlem line [e.g., White Plain] or the LIRR Port Washington Branch? Offer them the opportunity to sign up!)

      (3) Increased privacy and ease-of-use

      • A big change:
        All mails on a given train/bus line will show in your inbox as From the same ID (e.g., Clever-Montclair-Boonton-Line).
        This way, you can still filter and sort messages, but it also shields your email address from the rest of the list.
        Note that your e-mail “signature” may continue to disclose information about you…but you’re in control.
        This also means that that there is no “Reply to” address…and I think that’ll be fine. As always, the name of the proper e-mail address for mails to the list can be found in the footer

      (4) This new blog – For now, we’re using it for announcements…but we’re looking at new ways to make this forum interactive beyond the Alert mails

      (5) Does it bear repeating?Clever Commute is a way for people to help each other. So please be sure to help your fellow commuter

      What is in the works

      • A better text-messaging experience – You can be Clever without a traditional portable e-mail devices. (many people do this today!)
      • Broader coverage – We’d appreciate it if you could introduce us to friends / siblings / coworkers / neighbors that’d like to get his/her peers connected. We’ll provide the technology. It’s OK if it’s a small group…that’s exactly how this started.
      • Ability to set “blackout” dates / times – Are there times when you would like to not receive messages? We’re working on that plus other personalization

From Your Conductor – Welcome aboard!

August 26th, 2007  |  Published in Uncategorized

Thanks for stopping by.

About a year and a half ago, I worked with a few of you on a simple idea: apply a bit of technology and structure to something that several of us were already doing. Since the rise of Blackberries, Treos and cellphones, Montclair train riders have been helping each other during problems.

We went through some changes along the way as I slowly grew the model to work for all modes of transportation…in any town.

This new blog…and this revised web site…are some of the visible signs of the effort. But, it is still a work in progress.

There is a ton of potential ahead of us…so watch this space. Things are going to get bigger and better.