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Winter Storm coming so we took down the paywall

March 6th, 2018  |  Published in announcements

In order to help you get to and from work on Wednesday as quickly and safely as possible, we have taken down the paywall.
All users have all Premium features FOR FREE at this time.
You can continue to use the same app you have installed…but need to re-login AND restart to see all features.

The list of features –
More info about Premium –

The easy way to check that you have activated Premium: There are no ads in the app!
Suggestion: Go to Settings => “Comms & Config” and change the value of “History – Alerts” to see more than just 2 hours of recent history.

Please use this opportunity to share info and help each other.
Please use the “Contact” feature of our web site if you have any questions.


–Conductor Josh

March 2 in Hoboken

March 4th, 2018  |  Published in NJT

When I arrived in Hoboken on Friday morning, I looked up and said “the falling snow looks pretty”.

Then I looked down and said “If this is 8:00 AM…then tonight’s commute will be a tough one” (and it was)





Release Notes for Version 3.1.5

February 7th, 2018  |  Published in Release Notes

This release fixes a bug in the sign up process.


Gremlins! A workaround for a sign-up bug

February 7th, 2018  |  Published in examples

Some users on some devices are experiencing a problem with the part of the sign-up process whereby you are prompted for information about your Route (primary/secondary/tertiary), Origin and Destination stations.
For some, the app does not show then the proper Provider (LIRR vs MetroNorth, etc) and therefore does not show the proper choices for their Origin and Destination.

We apologize for the problem. We have fixed both the Android and iOS versions of the app. The new version is called 3.1.5 and is available in the Apple App Store as well as Google Play

The workaround is to simply enter whatever you can at the Sign Up page…and then

  • Go to the main menu and press Settings
  • Select My Commute to update the values as you like
  • When you are done making your changes, please remember to scroll down and press Update at the bottom of the page.



Release notes for version 3.1.1

February 5th, 2018  |  Published in examples

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure PM Track Voting get re-set each night
  • Hide “reverse commute” values for e-mails
  • Improve experience when there is no internet connection
  • Improve handing of certain emoji in Recent Alerts
  • Ensure days-of-history is properly stored and rendered on Track Prediction page
  • Un-set iOS badge after viewing Recent Alerts

Plus other technical improvements (certificates, instrumentation)



Release Notes for Version 3.1.0

January 23rd, 2018  |  Published in examples

Bug Fixes and User-Facing Enhancements

  • App needs to handle (display) the apostrophe and quotation marks better
  • Push notifications are not going for some users
  • Show the version number of the app in the app

Technical work and Back-end Changes 

  • Upgrade of UI Framework
  • Ensure timeliness of GTFS
  • Improve usage metrics
  • Archive Framework for data
  • Apple X Verification
  • iOS Distribution refresh
  • Ensure Google Mobile Ads SDK at 7.0.0 or newer
  • Hygeine – Clean out the root of public_html

Getaway Day Advice: Thanksgiving 2017

November 15th, 2017  |  Published in announcements

As a service to commuters, we provide this getaway advice for those who are exiting NYC (via public transit) for the Thanksgving holiday. Read on for: 

  1. A look back at 2016: “What happened on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving last year?
  2. Clever Commute’s “FIVE T’s” – the key to a stress-free commute on get-away day.

(1) What happened on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving last year?

  • In the 12:00 hour, terminals such as NY Penn and Grand Central were not crowded
    (nor were the trains!)
  • However: by 1:15 PM things changed. People reported it to be as crowded as a typical rush hour
  • In the 3:00 PM hour, riders at Port Authority shared news of long lines for buses
  • Passenger volume remained high through the evening rush until as late as 7:00 PM


(2) Here are Clever Commute’s “FIVE T’s” – the key to a stress-free commute on getaway day:

1. Tickets – tickets..TicketsTICKETSGet them early!
If you or your traveling companion will need a ticket, get it BEFORE Wednesday afternoon.
Lines are loooooong on getaway days.
Idea: LIRR, Metro NorthNJ Transit and NY Waterway all have ticket apps!  

2. Timing is crucial
Use the re-cap above as a guide…but add some padding to be safe. 

3. Timetables and Schedule changes 
LIRR, Metro North and NJ Transit will provide (extra) getaway day service…but all 3 have date-specific trip planners on thier sites.

4. Terminal – Choose wisely

  • If it is at all within your control, avoid NY Penn Station.
  • NJT riders: consider Hoboken and/or Newark Penn
  • LIRR riders:  consider Atlantic Terminal or Hunterspoint Avenue

5. Other Tips: 

  • Dress in layers – the terminal or the trains can be warm
  • Bring water/snacks – save time…save money. Plan ahead.
  • “Baggage strategy” matters – There is going to be lots of luggage around on Wednesday.
  • Pick/Pack your bag early and lightly! 
  • Make your plan now…Do NOT wait until Wednesday morning to start thinking about this.

Have a great holiday!


And this is why you want Clever Commute

November 9th, 2017  |  Published in examples

In the picture below, we added the yellow and greenish highlighting to show that the commuter RSW shared news a full 15 minutes earlier than the official alert. Click on the picture to get a closer look.

This kind of thing happens all the time on Clever Commute.


If you are wondering about hashtags

November 1st, 2017  |  Published in announcements

There is a dedicated field on the Participate page where you can add a hashtag.

Those hashtags can be seen via Recent Alerts by tapping on the alert…which opens additional details about the alert (the hashtag, the speed of the train/bus when the message was composed and the relevant train/bus station).

If you choose to add a hashtagged word to the contents of alert you composed, our technology will likely convert it to to a I just want to vent. At a minimum, the message will be held for review by our moderators.

However, if you compose a message and incude a hashtag as a way to identify a train (e.g., #6214), Clever Commute technology will treat that the same as if you used the picklist to identify your train.

Finally, the user-generated alerts are sent to Twitter. If it will fit within the 140 character limit, they are tagged with

  1. #clevercommute
  2. the name of the transit provider (e.g. #LIRR, #NJTransit, #MetroNorth)
  3. maybe an ad (see below)

Clever Commute supports the communities we serve

October 22nd, 2017  |  Published in announcements

Clever Commute believes in giving back to the communities we serve.

In case you are not familiar, Clever Commute has both a free service and a paid (subscription-based) upgrade, called Clever Commute Premium.
The price of a one-year Clever Commute Premium membership is $39.99.

Each year, we donate a limited number of Clever Commute Premium memberships to non-profit organizations.

Here is how you can use our donation to generate revenue for your cause or event:

Other notes:

  • Due to demand, we may not be able to accommodate all requests
  • If possible, we ask the non-profit to provide us with a letter acknowledging our donation to your cause

Interested? Use the Contact feature of our website to see if we can partner to help your cause.