Why are we moving away from an e-mail based service?

Sure, there are some benefits to the old-fashioned e-mail model. But also many cons and missed opportunities.

An app provides improved consistency of the messages, quality (real-time curation, fewer duplicates), speed of delivery, and a better/richer experience via geolocation, ranking, message history and much more.

And we can forgo the costs and operational challenges from the legacy model. Simple examples:

  • Joe signs up fro his Gmail account…but sends from his Yahoo account (nope)
  • Mary writes a looooooong message

We are not fully abandoning e-mail. It is actually better (faster, crisper…with better control) than ever in our premium service. We simply could not continue to (1) do what we were doing (2) for free.

As a closing note, here is what your fellow commuters are saying about the app.