I used a “PayPal Guest” account at sign-up, and now that credit card is no longer valid

  • When you originally created your account, you used the “guest” feature of PayPal…and paid with a credit card
    (NOT with a true PayPal account).
  • Now, that card is no longer valid (e.g., lost, stolen, expired)
  • Clever Commute and/or PayPal have notified you that your funding source was not valid
  • You then went to PayPal…and added a new card to your PayPal account
    (maybe you just created a proper PayPal account?)
But that won’t work. Here’s why: 
Clever Commute knows you as a “PayPal Guest” user…and NOT an account where we can charge the actual profile.

Solution: Re-sign up (e.g., pay when prompted)…NOT as a guest.
Your payments to be will be against the funding source you have associated with your PayPal account (that new credit card)
Sorry if this is complicated…but when used in the traditional way, PayPal accounts actually have the benefit of keeping things organized if a payment source is no longer valid.