What about Blackberry and Windows phone devices?

When we decided to build an app, we did our best to create a technical solution which meets the needs of the lion’s share of users. But…what about people who use Blackberries and Windows phones? We hear you…and we want to help.

We can’t snap our fingers and magically create a version which runs on your device, but we can give you a deeply discounted version of The Inside Track (which is a suite of e-mail/text/web services).

If you meet the eligibility criteria below, please cut and paste the below (with your replies) into a message to us and we’ll send you a coupon code which will give you a steep discount on your membership.

  • Confirm that you joined Clever Commute prior to April 1, 2015
  • For Blackberry users – Our offering has been successfully tested/deployed to a Blackberry Z10 device running (a fairly old configuration). To install the Android app on your Blackberry device, you need to use a 3rd party solution such as SNAP. Please verify that you have tried this.
  • Confirm that your Blackberry / Windows device is the only device you have
  • Confirm that you would be able to use a Blackberry or Windows, if we were to provide one.
    For example: if you work in financial services, and use a firm-issued Blackberry, it’s likely that your company prohibits you from installing all 3rd party software via the app stores.
  • Send us the model of your device and the OS version
  • Confirm that you understand that we are offering this as a courtesy and may increase the price in the future
    (of course we will notify you first)