Thanksgiving get-away 2011

More on #1 for the major carriers:

But…ONLY Clever Commute will show you What happened last year on ‘getaway’ day?
We think this info is key to helping you plan. Here is the rundown:

On Wednesday, November 24, things got crowded after 1:00 PM…but 3:00 looked to be the worst of it:

1:05 PM [Penn Station] – LIRR rider shared this: 1:05 running 10 min late. Probably due to overcrowding on short train
3:25 PM [Penn Station] – NJT riders share these

  • Train was SRO – hundreds of passengers left on platform
  • Packed to to gills; no standing room even
  • and finally – stuck at Newark for crew to push passengers aside to open the doors

3:05 PM [Port Authority] – DeCamp bus rider shared these this: long lines for all Decamp gates.
3:12 PM – we received these messages

  • SRO with people still at the gate
  • 410/411 backed up to 402

…and so it went for most of the afternoon.