The New Year resolution I made last January (130 fixes and enhancements in the first 3 quarters of 2019)

For 2017 and 2018, I was publishing a new version of the app on a somewhat-monthly schedule. There were so many features to add…so many opportunities. It was energizing.

But the majority of these things focused on the NJ commuting experience.

To be clear, a lot of work is always needed on the infrastructure used by all Clever commuters. However, I know that  the legacy Clever experience for LIRR and Metro North riders was not as robust as it was for NJ train/bus commuters.

Part of the reason was (and is) because LIRR and Metro North do not povide me with the same technical opportunities vis-a-vis those provided by NJ Transit (yes, kudos to NJT here).

Nonetheless, in 2019, I took stock of the things which are in my control…and then put energy (and code) into doing all I can to bring the non-NJT Clever experience into parity. It’s been a great year. Here is what we did (so far)

  1. New LIRR feature – Our bots/probes check the departure board to look for overall bad trends/signs of trouble. Premium users get  notified per their communciation preferences. The alert is also added to the recently-revamped News You Need feature
  2. New LIRR andMetro-North feature – At the start of your stated commute, we notify you of the official conditions on your branch. We call this headsup.
  3. Enhanced LIRR feature – We overhauld the in-app version of the departureboard.
    Ues – this includes the amazing track predictor.
  4. Enhanced LIRR feature – You can now see the full text of official alerts from your transit provider (previous version routed you to to see)
  5. Enhanced Metro North feature – Improved handling of large official Metro North messages.
  6. Enhanced Metro North feature – Improved handling of graphics in official Metro North messages.
  7. New Metro North feature – Offical messages from Metro North are now filtered to be branch-specific
  8. New Metro North feature – We parse/translate the official alerts from MTA to convert “train numbers” to train times you can understand (Examples)
For all: 
  1. Improved the your ability for Premium membes to turn on/turn the “message box”
  2. Removed ads from some pages
  3. Improved emoji support
  4. Improved off-line functionality
  5. Resolved legacy issue of duplicate messages (in app) as well as duplicate push notifications
  6. Brought back the News You Need feature (as loaded up relevant events. More to come.)
  7. Modernized the UI (This is not just cosmetic. End-user app features now work better/faster.)
  8. Improved overall stability and enahnced our up-time monitoring/diagnostics
  9. Overhauled subscription handling to ensure a smooth process for Premium users
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