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  • When the transit providers say they are running on or close to schedule…how do we  know it’s true?
  • On those days when there are transit issues, should we rely exclusively on  the transit provider’s headquarters to alert us about what’s happening?
  • If your business depends on people who commute, how can you help them safely get to and from the office?

The answers aren’t always simple or clear, but there’s a tremendous opportunity to bring balance, and transparency to an otherwise tumultuous commute.  For the past 7 years, Clever Commute – the organization built by commuters for commuters – has been the information destination for savvy passengers. They know that the best information comes from their colleagues who are actually in transit. (Ref: NY Times)

Now there’s an opportunity for your news organization to join others who use our business offering:

Clever Commute Professional  (CCP)

Two very important reasons why your organization cannot live without Clever Commute Professional:

1. CCP provides real-time, crowd-sourced insights from commuters. 
Our proprietary, patent-pending technology curates and moderates the alerts generated by the commuters. We then deliver that content to your organization as a standard datafeed.
Imagine the possibilities which come from data generated by a passionate and engaged audience:

  • transit “headlines” available for your newsdesk
  • easy integration into your newsroom software
  • a ticker for your website or TV channel
  • the best possible info for your mobile offerings
  • and so much more…

2. CCP goes beyond the datafeed to provide you with the following:

  • Insight & narrative into developing issues regarding the in-progress commute
  • Advance notice of upcoming commute-related stories (e.g., events / issues which will impact future commutes)
  • A connection to the “voice of the commuter” so that your news organization has the feel for the related issues (includes the ability to connect with the commuters)

Scope: Our strength and leadership position is in the major commuter rail lines (In the NY DMA, that’s Metro North, LIRR and NJ Transit).  We also provide insights regarding PATH, and several commuter bus lines (which often serves as a proxy for overall vehicular traffic conditions). We are in various stages of deployment for other transit providers in the NY Metro area (e.g., MTA subway) as well as other markets.

Contact Clever Commute to arrange access to our demo feed so you can see for yourself.

Want to get technical? Here are the details



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