Advertisers – Overview, Demographics and Reach

An innovative and direct way to get YOUR message through to a FANTASTIC demographic.

It started as a handshake agreement among five frustrated NJ commuters. It grew into an engaged and sophisticated national network.

Here is how it works: Commuters do a one-time sign-up to register their interest in information about their commuter line. 
Each line has an e-mail address. Commuters then share real-time information about problems / issues on the commute  (e.g., sick passenger, equipment problems, weather-related delays) by sending an e-mail to their line’s e-mail address.
Our technology then removes the personal info…adds your promotion…and sends it to the interested commuters.

Commuters respect and value info from Clever Commute…so your messages to them are read!

What a demographic:

  • 64% male
  • Average age of 40
  • 45% have advanced degrees
  • 90% are homeowners
  • Median household income $173K
  • 85% have income over $100K
  • 25% have income over $300K
  • Peak earners, affluent,
    white-collar, tech-savvy

Tremendous trust and loyalty – virtually zero churn.

Your reach

  • Users: 20,000+ …growing every day…doubles in size year-over-year
  • Impressions: Over 1 million / month
  • Frequency: Can be “several-messages-a-day”…but always at least once-a-week

The Clever Commute Advertising Platform Puts Your Message alongside Their Message
Each alert is a “nugget of gold” to the commuter…and your message is prominently shown right alongside!

You are in control…

  • Sponsored messages may be up to three lines…with each being roughly 60 characters long.
  • You pick the audience (by transit provider, terminal, state…or even by train / bus line!)
  • Morning rush hour or afternoon…or both
  • You chose the target dates for your ad
  • You may place one or more ads in our rotation…or choose to blanket for a period of time
  • Hyperlinks in the ads are supported. You can even link to a video.
  • No need for an artist or graphic designer (saves you money and time)
  • Flexibility – you can easily change / update your ad to accommodate your copy/promotions