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Advertising Rates

Clever Commute is display advertising. It is based on a cost-per-thousand model (CPM…where M is the abbreviation for thousand).

Therefore, clients pay based on one message…sent to one thousand people.

For example, a sponsor will target a message volume…and we prioritize the display of their ads in order to fulfill the contract.

(We generally have several campaigns running simultaneously, therefore your message is part of a rotation.)

Our rate is $15 CPM

  • This rate is negotiable for larger deals (e.g., over 100K messages or spanning more than one route)
  • 20% discount for non-profits ($12 CPM)

Example: Client wishes to have their message on 200,000 messages a month

  • That is 200 M (M = thousand)
  • Each thousand costs $15
  • Therefore, the deal is $3,000 per month