Show me the steps to create an ad

It’s a straight-forward self-service model: Clients use our web site to first create an account (it’s simple) and then create their ads. Once the ads are drafted, we look them over and then approve them for use. Viola! They run immediately after that. Here are the steps

  1. If you have not yet done so, go to to create your account (this is a one-time task)
  2. Log in…and use the button labeled  Add New to create your ad
    Hints: Remember to follow our guidelines. Also: color helps
  3. Pick your routes, start/end dates and AM/PM…and press Submit
    (you’ll see help for each field if you “hover” over it”)
  4. Select the number of impressions you wish to buy per month
    (it’s explained here on our pricing page)
    If we have an ongoing deal in place, just put in 10,000…and press “Calculate”
  5. If applicable, apply the coupon code
  6. Press the button labeled Subscribe. You will have the opportunity to pay via PayPay or credit/debit card.
    If we have an ongoing deal in place, be sure to select “Invoice me (pre-approved only)” We will not send you a bill.


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