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Basic vs Premium

May 30th, 2016  |  Published in examples

Our Premium service is a collection of dozens of value-added features.
See the whole story at the Clever Commute Premium service home page.


The basic app is free…and is a great tool for any commuter. However, its functionality is limited to providing user-generated alerts on one commuter line…delivered as push notifications.

Below is a high-level comparison of our basic and premium services. Please clock through here to see the complete list of the dozens of amazing  premium features.



# of routes you may follow 1 3
# of hours of viewable history 3 Up to 12
Track metrics & predictions No Yes
View a train’s geolocation No Yes (NJT)
Delivery options Push notifications Push notifications
Text message
Advertisements in the App Banners None
List of Features Impressive Incredible
Source of Data Crowdsourced Crowdsourced plus 4 additional sources
Control over the timing and flow of data None Extensive (time-of-day, day-of-week, pause/resume etc)
Cost Free $3.33/month


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