Cross-promotion: To businesses that serve commuters

Reach thousands of commuters who pass by your business every day! Clever Commute will give you free advertising in exchange for you sharing the good news about this service that commuters love!
How it works:
We’ll introduce your business to thousands of suburban commuters by placing your ad inside the “alerts” sent by the commuters.
You create the opportunity to stay close to the customer by letting them know of a valuable tool which helps them get to/from home each day.

  • We provide you with materials (e.g., info cards, table tents, posters)
  • You position these in your establishment for 1 week
  • We send your message to your target audience during the suitable rush hours (AM vs PM)

Other benefits for you

  • Reap the benefits of the lifetime value of new customers
  • Your establishment is positioned for new business at the time when customer need it
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