Day 2 – Following up with the new subscribers

What an exciting day yesterday was! We processed so many requests to join…and expanded tremendously.

Now that we have taken care of the lion’s share of the “adds”…there remain some that need extra attention. Most of them fall into these categories:

  • People who did not share their full name when they registered (e.g., “J Smith”, “Morristown Commuter”). Remember, we are a community of neighbors helping each other. While Clever Commute may mask your “real name” on some lines when you send to the list, we do expect you to register as who you are.
  • People who did not (1) receive or (2) respond to the mail we sent asking people to confirm their address. This step is required so that we can validate that you entered your address properly…and that you do indeed want to join.
    • Some mail systems may treat first-time Clever Commute mails as unsolicited/junk mail…so please take whatever steps you need to on your side to allow mails from Clever Commute. You can find more info on the FAQ site (see “My spam filter is preventing me from getting the alerts”)
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