FAQ – Mobile

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What are the features of the free app?

Why does the Recent Alerts page show old alerts?

If it is the case that there are no Recent Alerts, then we (1) give a message saying so…and (2) show some recent examples.

FYI “Recent” means “from the previous 2 hours”

In the picture below, we added the green arrow and box for emphasis/

Remember: Users of the free service only see the previous 2 hours of alerts. So if there have not been any in that window, you’d then see an unwelcoming blank page. Instead, we show examples of well-formed (upvoted) alerts from your route/branch of travel.

Not to be salesy, but users of our Premium service have a lot more control over the info they see.
They can set the Recent Alerts page to show more history…from more routes…refreshed more-quickly.

Are there versions for both Andriod and iOS?

Yes – iPhone, iPad and Android devices are ALL supported!

See your app store or clevercommute.com/app for details.

What are the features of the Premium service?

A lot. It are literally dozens of features on top of all the free features.

What does it cost? How do I pay?

The free app is downloaded from iTunes / Google Play.

After (or during) the 30-day free trial of the premium service, you subscribe via an in-app purchase in your app store.

It is a subscription product, with a cost of just $3.33 a month (billed annually).

What is the relationship between the free app and the Premium app?

The short answer: the free app provides you with user-generated content for one train (or bus) line. Our premium service gives you more features. Premium was previously packaged for the web as Inside Track. It is now an app, called Clever Commute Premium.

So where does the free app fit in?
It gives you alerts from your fellow commuters on one train (or bus) line. The implementation is similar to a newsfeed in Twitter or Facebook: the app shows you recent alerts on a scrollable page. The app also has other great features such as push notifications (optional, of course) and the ability to change your profile (in the app) so that you can see what is happening on other lines.
You can get the app via Apple iTunes or Google Play. Info/screenshots/video is available here – http://clevercommute.net/app

Does the app send “Notifications”? E-mail? Text messages?

Yes (push notifications)

E-mail and Text messages are offered via our premium service

The beauty of the app-based approach is that you can receive notifications right on your phone…and handle them as you’d like.

How is the nickname field used? Can I change mine?

When you sign up, we ask you to select a nickname. Your nickname will be associated with any posts you make using the app.

We ask that you select a nickname which meets these criteria

  • Serves as a proxy for you…while not revealing personal information (e.g., smitty is better than  JohnSmithFromReuters)
  • Will not cause confusion (e.g., we do not want to see anything such as OfficialLIRRInfo)
  • Please avoid profanity or anything even mildly offending

If you want to change your nickname, please contact us (at this time, you can not change it yourself).




Does everyone need to pay to get the Premium service?

As of now, there are at least 8 ways to get the premium service for free.

Does Premium have a free trial period?

When you install the free app, we give you 30 days of Premium for free.

When you purchase after the trial expires, your first 30 as a paid user are actually free, as well.