Geo-location and “categorized content” come to The Inside Track. [Quick-start guide]

This week, we are sharing lots of exciting news about Clever Commute and The Inside Track.

But here are some tips and tricks for our faithful fans…so that you can get value from these new features right away.

First of all: Here is the #1 trick for “launching” The Inside Track the same way you “launch” an app from your phone’s home screen. Once you do this, you’ll understand the key reason we built The Inside Track for the mobile web (and not for iPhone, Andriod, etc).

Second: the two newest, coolest feature-families require you to use The Inside Track to reap the benefits: geo-location of the alert and categories of alerts.

We’ll document them more as we finalize and get your feedback (yes, we are always working to improve it). But here is the deal:

We all need to help each other by using the new “Share” feature of The Inside Track.
NOTE: Messages created “the old way” (via e-mail) will not have location-based info…nor will you you be able to attach a category to the message (more on that later). 

The new steps to share an alert:

(1) Login to Inside Track (
(2) Click on the “gears” icon at top right of the page
(3) Click on Share

The first time in, you will be asked to share your location information with Clever Commute. Of course, you can opt-out at any time…and still use our services.

However, it’s a karma thing: the enhanced info captured on that page (location and category) are the linchpins to the new value-added services…so please use them.

Key benefits / Why this is so cool: 

If you receive your alerts via e-mail, you now have an option to click through and see

  • the handle/shortname of the sender
  • the category of this message
  • [drum roll please] the location of the person at the time they shared that info

You can also browse the alerts/maps on your mobile device (just look at the Newsfeed feature of The Inside Track.)
Again: only messages created via The Inside Track will have this geo-location info. (Look for the map icon next to the messages to see which ones were created via The Inside Track “Share” page)

It’s especially cool that once you get familiar with the categories, you can use the Show/Hide-categories feature to further customize your experience. We’ll share more in on that soon.



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