Regarding Lost And Found

Official Lost And Found: NJ Transit
(or call 973-275-5555)
Metro NorthLIRR

Or try Clever Commute…using these guidelines

  1. Use the Participate feature, set the category to Lost and Found
    (No need to say “Lost”)
  2. Be specific (which train? from where? did you sit in the front? the back? did you leave/find something on the seat? the floor? the overhead rack?)
  3. Do NOT share your personal contact info (see picture below)
    Ask recipients to turn item in to your carrier’s Lost & Found or contact Clever Commute if needed
  4. Do NOT include any comments about thanks or thank you
    (sorry if that seems rude…but our everyday filters block that to prevent spam)

A good example of how to post on Clever Commute

Suit jacket on luggage rack of top level of 1st car of 10:35 PM from NYP on Mon. Pls bring to NJT Lost & Found or tell Clever Commute admin

A bad example (Do NOT do this…)






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