We took down the paywall

Due to conditions on your commute, we have taken down the paywall for Clever Commute Premium features 
That means that all users have all Premium features FOR FREE at this time.

Call to action: 

  • Get the latest version of the app (3.3.6) (Release notes / How to)
  • Logout/login AND restart the app

List of features – https://www.clevercommute.com/premiumfeatures
More info about Premium – https://www.clevercommute.com/premium

The easy way to check that you have activated Premium: There are no banner ads in the app!

Suggestions to see some of my favorite features

(1) Go to Settings => “Comms & Config”

  • Change the value of “History – Alerts” to see more than just 2 hours of recent history
  • Speed up your refresh interval
  • Add color-coding to Recent Alerts

(2) Go to Settings => “My Commute” and add second and third commuting line

…and of course, tonight, use our enhanced departureboard with track prediction

Please use this opportunity to share info and help each other.
Please use the “Contact” feature of our web site if you have any questions.


–Conductor Josh