Our Business Model

We love the idea of giving commuters a free platform to help each other…and we have no plans to change that.
But we’d also like you to understand how this all works…since it is one influence on the way we encourage you to use Clever Commute.

There are three components
(1) Advertising – In most markets, we put a single non-invasive ad on each message sent.
For examples, specs  and demographics, follow this link.  The user-generate alert shows in the subject line…and the sponsored message simultaneously shows in the body. Clever Commute does not send out “stand-alone” ads. But, sometimes members send blanks/test/accident mails which may look like they came from us Clever Commute. We do NOT share your e-mail address with anyone.

(2) Premium services for Commuters.  Our Inside Track service provides value-added features and is packaged as a subscription service.

(3) Primary info for traffic and transit reporting – Commuters provide excellent insight into the current conditions on the roads
and rails. We anonymize and aggregate that data and enter into partnerships. (Imagine the value if your favorite TV/Radio/Web channel had access to the real-time Clever Commute info).
We never share your personal info. Rather, we do re-purpose the excellent facts shared about the state of the commute. So…for that reason, we consistently requests our members to keep
things on-topic and free of criticism, profanity, questions etc.

You can read more of the details in the Terms And Conditions