The “phantom minute” makes the difference

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.
Departure Time
Departure Time
Train is removed
from the departure board
6:08 PM6:09 PM6:08 PM

It’s a fact
Every commuter train that departs from New York City leaves one minute later than scheduled. However, you can’t find the train because the transit providers remove them from the board at the published departure time. Clever Commute gives you the edge two ways.

(1) Track number delivered to you via text message, push notification or e-mail.
You have it handy…even after the scheduled departure time!

(2) See trains after they are removed from the board! (Click on pictures to enlarge)

(1) NJT, LIRR, Metro North
announces the track…
(2) But then
they remove it!
(3) Clever Commute
to the rescue!

Bonus: You control how many minutes of history are shown you via the Comms & Config setting



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