Our Privacy Policy

This is focused on our mobile apps…but these concepts may also apply to the legacy e-mail based application. Please also see our general terms and conditions.

Key points:

  • When you sign up for membership, you share certain info with us. You select your own username. Your username need not resemble your actual name.
  • We do not share your personal info…but we do analyze it in order to have demographic / geographic info for our sponsors.
  • If you do send an alert, we capture that message, along with you username (if you used the mobile app) or your e-mail address (if you used e-mail)
  • Further, if you use our mobile app, we also capture the location (lat/long) of the device at the time the alert was sent to our system. We may collect your IP address.
  • In the future, we may build analytics and utilities which expose your username (e.g., leaderboards).




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