What’s new in version 3.3.0 / 3.3.1

Bug Fixes

  • Cleaned up formatting of special characters in push notifications
  • Defaulting vaules at signup for continent and country
  • Fixed quicklink to snooze
  • Resolved duplicate push notifications on certain devices
  • Auto-refresh of Departureboard and click-through to Station Stops
  • Eliminated duplicate pushes for track number
  • MyTrains – Ensure all in-scope NJT values show
  • Keyboard no longer blocks entry field when creating a new alert via Participate


  • Add the train details to e-mail for Premium users
  • Streamlined UX on Recent Alerts page (put both toggles next to each other)
  • Ongoing improvements to off-line capabilities
  • Fortified and enhanced subscription initiation / processing
  • Moved Metrics reporting from Alpha to Beta
  • Useability improvements for Admin console and system diagnostics
  • Added global (non-Premium) “unsubscribe” for e-mail messages
  • Severed legacy ties with PayPal processing
  • Added link to privacy policy where needed
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