Special Note for users of the free service who are now “Inside Track” users

Your Inside Track membership is totally unrelated to your legacy (free) membership…so there are some nuances:

NOTE: At sign-up, we set “E-mails from The Inside Track” to “onbecause they are better all-around. They are generally delivered faster and have improved features such as “info in the Subject line” and “enhanced formatting.”
So by default, you will immediately see duplicates! Clearly that is undesirable…and the action you take depends on how you use Clever Commute:

  1. Are you the type of person who never sends Clever Commute alerts to your fellow commuters?
    Then un-subscribe from the free service.
    (that’s OK…not everyone is a share-er)
    (a) Find any old commuter-generated mail from before you joined The Inside Track
    (b) Scroll to the bottom and click on the Unsubscribe Now link
    (c) You will still be a user of The Inside Track 
  2. Are you a share-er (or plan to be)?
    Then let’s tell the free service to recognize you…but not send mails to you.
    (a) Send a note to feedback [at] clevercommute [dot] com saying “Change me to no-legacy-emails”
    (b) That way, your e-mail based sharing will still be recognized by our legacy system…and your inbound mails will be processed properly

Special note [Autumn 2013]  – We are rolling out a new feature which lets premium users share alerts via The Inside Track app!  Here is more info. The look-and-feel of that feature is always evolving…so the picture may be out of date (but the core concepts are the same).


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