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Winter Storm is Coming

(1) A winter storm is coming to the Northeast.
If you have any colleagues / friends / family who you think would benefit from being on Clever Commute, please let them know that we’ll process all the sign-up request we received by 9:00 PM tonight…so they will be all set for what could be a messy AM commute. All – Please remember these tips on using Clever Commute
(2) Opportunities for you to get involved in the Clever Commute community
Riders, techies, media, marketing…and all-round business people can all help out
(more info below)
(3) Want to sponsor or underwrite Clever Commute?
(more info below)


Want to get involved?

(1) We’re considering starting a “rider panel” (something like a customer advisory board).
It won’t be formal…and won’t be a time-taker. It might just be a new discussion list that we can use to share ideas, suggestions and other feedback on how to improve Clever Commute. Please let me know if you are interested.(2) Other ways:
While we can not compensate you in cash*, there may be ways you can help…and be rewarded.
(a) If you are technical (or maybe your kids 😉 ?)
We could use your skills (html / php / RSS / mySQL, SEO, Adsense/Adwords)(b) Are you creative / marketing minded?

  • Help us with the process of getting-the-word-out.
  • Help us with the branding, marketing, PR

* For all: There are creative ways we can potentially compensate you.
This includes…but is not limited to…

  • serve as a job or college application reference
  • a banner-swap with your company
  • give you promotional opportunities to reach the Clever Commute audience
  • Which brings us to the final point…

If you are represent / own a business:
You know that Clever Commute reaches a fantastic demographic. If you are interested in creative partnering that will give your product or service great new exposure…please let us know.