What the commuters are saying about the Premium service

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.
Unsolicited feedback from users of the Clever Commute Premium service.
Each of these comments came from different people.
  • I love your app, especially the Track Prediction feature of the Departure Board
  • the track predictor is darn handy.  knowing which track makes it easier to switch concourses in advance.
  • I love love LOVE Clever Commute! The Premium membership rocks!
  • Clever Commute = worth every penny!
  • Thanks for all you do, Josh! I am happy to pay for GOOD info.
  • The app is incredibly helpful, saved me a bunch of times already
  • It’s a great service and I thought the least I can do is start paying for it.
  • The Clever text message with track number saved me tonight. When I got to Penn, the train was off the board…but I had the info on my phone, so I made my train.
  • The track predictor feature is a game-changer. I beat the rush and got a great seat.
  • Freaking awesome that you predicted the track for my train. Boom: it was on track 6! I am in heaven.
  • Love the premium app!
  • I love the Premium app, thanks very much!
  • I’ll be renewing at whatever the cost indefinitely as long as your service is running. It’s become such an invaluable tool it’s hard to describe how useful a platform youve really built is. Just wanted to say thank you again and please keep up the amazing work!
  • I used the track predictor and was the first person upstairs in a double decker facing forward
  • I am really, really enjoying the departure board feature with track history.
    I love that your are on a mission to listen and respect feedback, constantly improve and be a game changer for regular commuters!
  • the main reason I use CC is for track prediction.  I love the feature and find it’s impressively accurate.
  • I think the prediction feature is awesome!