Something fun: the ability to vent about the commute

Vent-ing lets a commuter share an otherwise-inappropriate message.
Any active user can send a vent (steps below).
However, viewing these messages is done exclusively via the app…and is Opt-In only.
Vents are not sent out as mails, texts, or push notifications.
We do post some of the best ones via a special Twitter account: @clevervent

One of the best features of the free Clever Commute app is the ability for commuters to
share real-time messages with fellow passengers  (e.g., to let them know about things which impact the current commute).

We usually encourage people to stay “on-topic” and keep the comments constructive and actionable.
Yes – we have filters which usually check for duplicates, profanity and other restricted keywords.

But…sometimes you simply gotta let it out. Now, when you use our free app, you can!
Here are the steps

To Send a VentTo View Vents
  1. Open our app
  2. Select Participate
  3. Set “(1) What do you want to do?” to
    I just want to vent
  4. You can skip app steps (2), (3) and (4)
  5. Use the “(5) Tell us a bit more” field to er, let it out
  1. Open our app
  2. Select Recent Alerts
  3. At the top of the page, select the box  for “Include I just want to vent


Give it a try. You won’t offend us.  We’re all adults here. Go ahead…you can:

  • curse a blue streak
  • say what you really think about the transit provider’s service
  • let off steam regarding conditions at your station
  • …and generally vent about what’s bugging you on the commute

The message will not be  subject to the filters and best practices…but then again: it will not be sent out (e.g., mail, text or push notification) to your fellow commuters.

Vent just gives you a place to let out “a digital scream”…. because sometimes, it just feels better to get it off your chest.

Of course, if you really want to help your fellow commuter, then please install and use our free app.
Join the tens of thousands of people who who have made Clever Commute a part of the fabric of the daily commute.

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