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You are probably here because you read about Clever Commute in today’s edition.
Yes…it seems that there is a difference of opinion between Clever Commute and NJ Transit regarding their developer API.
In case you missed it. Here is a link to the summary of events between us.

While advance track notification is indeed a cool feature…we are NOT a one-trick-pony.
We have amazing technology, an engaged community, rich historical data, and deep knowledge about the commute.

Please try our premium service –  The Inside Track.
Follow that link to see all it doesit is much more than just track numbers!
We have a large group of NJ Transit riders who love it…and our budding communities on Amtrak, Metro North and LIRR are finally getting to experience the features as well.

  • For NJT riders, our rate is $3.99 a month…and $2.99 a month for the others.
  • For all: the first 30 days are free…and you get two more months free when you buy a yearly subscription (altogether, that is a 25% savings)

Finally: Do you represent a Businesses?

Still have questions? You can always contact us via this link:


— Clever Commute Team

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