03-Apr 2017 NJT NYP derailment (info and workarounds)

UPDATED after the 4-April PM commute (see NEW below)

NEW: NJT Press release re: extra trains and new ferry service

It’s going to be tough sledding for a while…

The best sources of official info are

  1. www.njtransit.com –  The actual URL for the details may change. So just go there and look for the big message front-and-center on that page.
  2. NJ Transit’s Twiter feed – https://twitter.com/njtransit.
    You do NOT need a Twitter account to go to that site on any browser.
The schedule details vary by line. Read the NJT site to see what will be available to you. 

One constant: Cross honoring remains in effect with NJ TRANSIT bus, private carrier bus, NY Waterway ferry, and PATH at Newark, Hoboken and 33rd Street.

NEW: A list of ways to travel between Manhattan and Hoboken

NEW: A link to the NJT App

Also: Previous Clever Commute contingency blog posts (note: some may be out of date)

The other, best source? Clever Commute!  

  1. In case you are not yet onboard, then please get our free app
  2. Please invite your coworkers to get our free app (https://clevercommute.com/app/).
  3. (also cover LIRR and Metro North)
    We’re onboarding lots of new users today…all are welcome!
  4. Work in the media? (or know someone who does?), please contact us so we can add you to our “media advisory” list
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  6. We’re on Twitter
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    – Get your line-specific alerts as tweets (see clevercommute.com/twitter for all the follows)

To sum it up:

  • Use the official and unofficial channels to stay informed
  • Allocate extra time for your commute
  • Use our free app to share some digital breadcrumbs to help fellow passengers 🙂
  • Be thankful things were not worse 🙂

If you have any questions, please use the Contact feature of our web site.

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