An exciting time – participating in a Clever “beta”

It’s really more of a getting-to-know-you period. Remember, the Clever Commute system has been running for years in other areas.
It can handle extremely high volumes (of messages and users)…and has helped many commuters through some of the most challenging times.

So…what will we do over the next two weeks?

  • Come up-to-speed so that you can serve as local advocates / mentors to others.
    There are so many “Clever” communities around the country that we need embedded experts who to help create the culture for each line.
  • Help your community find a good balance of message volume.
    Certainly the many individuals in your community will have different thresholds…but some real-world use can help discover the most suitable “use cases” (and maybe find ones unique to your area)

Based on the other existing Clever Communities, we think its safe to say that the standard reasons for alerting your passengers will be relevant (e.g., service disruptions)
But…there may be other things local to your community….and that might require new approaches.
For example: one light rail community that I have talked to is exploring the idea of letting the community know that “the last train of the day has left the station”

For the next two weeks, we’ll keep the membership roster limited to members who received this mail.

Remember, for day-to-day use, there is only one address you need (the one address we shared with you at sign up).

Remember that messages sent among your community are identifiable by

  • a consistent “From” address (e.g., Clever-something)
  • a subject prefix (e.g., “[YourLine]”)

…so you can use your e-mail software to filter / manage those as you please (both during this period as well as after we officially go live).

I think that’s about it. If I had to sum it up, I’d say the key points are
– it’s just us for the next 2 weeks
– send some test messages…get a feel for things
– find what works best to manage the mails that do come into your inbox
– send us feedback…we’re always looking for new ideas

The Clever Commute website and blog
All along the way – feedback at clevercommute [.] com

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