Going back to the way things were (“From” addresses)

Based on feedback from you, we have reversed direction and re-implemented the following change across all Clever Commute lists:

(Note: your “sending” behavior does NOT need to change).

Each line (e.g., MBTA, LIRR, NJ Transit Trains, Metro North, etc) will now have a unique “From” address (e.g., Clever-MBTA, Clever-LIRR).

As always, each particular route will have an identifier in the Subject line e.g.  [NJTT-MBNTN]
Mails will no longer appear as being From the sender (e.g., john.smith@corporation.com). Rather, they are From the “Clever-Line”).
It was a bit of a trade-off. Yes…some people felt that the “full disclosure” approach was a “privacy” concern…but I also felt that the transparency was OK given the fact that this is neighbors-helping-neighbors.

We’re going to continue to seek ways to value and reward the most helpful Clever Commuters. As I’ve said before “your reputation matters” online…and there certainly is some pride-of-ownership by that subset of people that provide timely and accurate feedback.
But, the nail-in-the-coffin (for the larger lists) was the fact that we simply can not suppress auto-reply responses (such as “Out of the office” mails).
(explained here)

So…for now..this is another lesson in the value of the wisdom of the crowds. We tried something new…it did not meet the expectation…so we un-wound it.

I’ll be around tonight to ensure that all goes well…but certainly let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary.


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