NY’s snowy Tuesday – 3 things for all to note

(1) Regarding how “From” works for several of our older, larger Clever communities

  • This week, we changed the way it works (this may not have impacted you)
  • The unintended consequence was that this also allows “out-of-office” autoreplies to sneak through. For larger lists…this is a real inconvenience. I’m still evaluating options…but don’t be surprised if we revert back to the old way.
  • For more on this…you can read this link (see “#1 – Back to the future’)

(2) Please help Clever Commute grow.

We are committed to continuing to providing this as a free service to riders. We’ve got lots of room to grow. Sure…some NJ Transit train lines are fairly well-represented…but far from saturated. Did you know…we also service:

  • LIRR, Metro-North, PATH, Staten Island Ferry, other ferries, several buses
  • Boston (MBTA)
  • Chicago (Metra)
  • San Francisco (BART, CalTrain, Muni, VTA)
  • Los Angeles (MetroLink)
  • Baltimore / DC (VRE and MARC)
  • Even Portland Oregon (TriMet Max and Streetcar) and London (Southern Railway)!

** Please share the news of Clever Commute with people you know.

(3) For those of us in the NY area…were the transit providers too quiet?
Tuesday was/is a messy commute home. As far as I know, the only alerts sent to the riders (by the providers) were from NJ Transit (no mails from LIRR or Metro North?)

(a) Sent: 06:28 PM (but received at 6:37)
Due to Amtrak switch problem, trains subject to 10-15 minute delays in/out of New York.
(b) Sent: 07:31 PM (but received at 7:52)
Rail Update we are operating on/close in/out of New York.

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