Started smoothly…ended badly

My trip in the AM started well. I actually took the 7:44 from Watchung.

At 8:20, I heard (from a Clever Commuter on waiting for a later train) that the 8:14 will be 13 min late. It begins…

In all honesty, I think my train made it to NYP more-or-less on time (8:30-ish)…but then at 8:41, I get the news that “814 from Upper Mtc to NY Penn canceled”

Two minutes later, I get notification of “1010wins ‘indefinite delays’ from montclair…Due to train stuck at MSU (in addition to the other delays).”

8:56, another commuter adds: “also reporting general 15 minutes delays due to earlier portal drawbridge.”
At 9:22, I got the only message of the day from NJT:

“Eastbound trains into New York are now operating on or close to schedule
Sent: 09:17 AM”

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