Tough sledding on the Babylon Line (LIRR)

Feb 5, 2008

There were 8 short (but helpful) messages from fellow commuters.

6:06 PM – advises people to “Expect delays and track changes out of Penn, smoke condition in one of
the tunnels”
6:30 PM – another person shared “633 canceled Babylon”
6:34 PM – the advice was “Avoid Penn if you can”

6:31 PM – LIRR sent this…(which I received at 6:35)
“Scattered 10 to 15 minute delays out of Penn Station because of an earlier debris strike in one of the East River tunnels.  Some trains are being cancelled and combined”

So tonight, the rider community was 25 minutes ahead of LIRR in sharing data. When our data was shared…it was good and helpful.

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