Aren’t most 2-year olds interesting?

Indeed, Clever Commute is now 2 years old. Lots of great things are happening now…and the one-liners are

  1. Would you like to be a beta tester for RSS feeds for Clever Commute (B2C)?
  2. New and interesting ways to leverage the collective wisdom of this crowd (B2B)
  3. Best practices for Clever Commuters (privacy options)

(1) RSS Feeds – Assuming you are familiar with RSS
(and if you are not…then no worries…just skip to #2)
If you’d like to receive a feed of your line…or perhaps ones you ride once-in-a-while, then please let us know. The idea is that you can use your favorite reader to get the wisdom…without receiving the mails. It’s another beta product…but it could be helpful for trips to the beach or grandma’s…or times when you use the bus (if you are a train rider…for example)

(2) The collective wisdom of this crowd

Building on the December post, we are making progress on building partnerships which leverage the aggregated, anonymized transit info from Clever Commuters. We are having some very exciting conversations with a variety of organizations (new/traditional media, transit providers / agencies, and even corporate HR / BCP teams).
Imagine: a dashboard-style overview of the entire transit picture for a metro area – it’s really something. If your organization wants a demo of the new “B2B” product, please let us know.

(3) Best practices
Ways you can help us make Clever Commute a better product:

  • Use the Subject area of your mails for as much of the message as you can
  • If you do use the Body, please ensure there is some way for our technology to figure out where “your message” ends…and where “the other stuff” begins.
    Specifically, make the one-time change to your signature or footer to start it with “–” (dash-dash…no quotes). More info can be found at
    FYI, if you currently use something else, it’ll probably work, too (**, ==, or virtually any image (e.g., horizontal line)…or even a blank line).
    The point here is to ensure we have some way to delineate.

That does it for now. Thanks to each and every one of you that has made Clever Commute work. We want to continue to serve, grow and innovate…and you are a part of it.