August Advertising Deal


Commuting issues never take a vacation! Promote your brand on Clever Commute for just $100! This is roughly 1/2 off the published rates for Clever Commute advertising

Across the Clever Commute community, vendors have been leveraging the Clever Commute platform (the New York Knicks, Ann Taylor/LOFT, Carnegie Hall,,…and more).
In order to meet the needs of our clients and handle the growth, we are implementing a new feature: self-service for advertisers.
This new approach is similar to what you might see other places on the web: Publishers (like Clever Commute, Google, Facebook) provide technology-based tools which allow you to create ad campaigns, arrange payment, and monitor progress.

Imagine: share the news about your brand, cause or event with an incredibly affluent (and employed!) audience. If you are not yet familiar with our advertising services, please check out:

How to take action

  1. Go to and set up your account
  2. Create your ad (select one line for to run on…but our operations team will update it to run on all lines!)

Some fine print

  • Clever Commute reserves the right to decline any advertiser for reasons such as competition and suitability
  • Accepted ads will be given at least 10,000 impressions (e.g., 1 ad shown to 100 people = 100 impressions).
  • We have done a fair amount of internal testing of this new approach/software. With that said, this is “beta” software…so all features may not work.
  • This offer is only valid for new relationships with Clever Commute…and does not void/override any outstanding proposals. Can not be combined with any other discounts or promotions.
  • You must pre-pay using a credit card…before August 1
  • Limited to the first 45 paid advertisers

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